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“I think the record is so very, very transparent that anyone can read the lyrics and see what I was going through.

To define it any more would discolour people's interpretation of what's going on and I really do not want to take away from a different interpretation someone may have of the record.” It's AFI's drawn-out writing process that explains why each album is so different, with .

The layers just grew and grew while we were making the record.

Once we got into the studio, it was just a question of reproducing and tracking those layers.

I do feel as though I have a wider and greater understanding of things now.

You almost need a piece of paper and pen in front of you to sketch out a timeline of Havok's travels to understand how he's spent the past few years. I love acting, and it's something that I would love to do again.

, Havok details the chaos in his life during the writing of the album.

But the explanations of his pain are cloaked in cryptic messages and interred under thick beds of slick sound.

It really informed what was going on, what variables there were in my life. If they want to take something from it and use it in a personal way, I think that's great. Do you find, getting close to 40, that you're not as deeply affected by things, but are wiser?

Was it personal issues, family issues, professional issues . I wouldn't want to risk destroying that just so someone can get a better understanding of me personally. I don't think that those two things have to be mutually exclusive.

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When we make a record, we don't discuss how we are planning on doing it. If you look at our last record, is sort of a reaction to what we were experiencing at the time.

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  1. "It's not about who was there in the beginning, it's about who stays there until the end."26. Except, of course, for stepdads."Armando Tinoco is an Orange County-based writer with a degree in Marketing from Cal.